High-End Dispensary: The Herbery

On our recent adventure to Portland, OR, we spent time exploring recreational dispensaries in the Vancouver, WA area.

Each store had its own zest, but The Herbery had the richest flavor. With its premium décor, service, and menu, this shop proved to be a high-end dispensary.


When we entered The Herbery, we were greeted with pleasing aesthetics. Our eyes took in the warm browns and wood accents. In addition, large, digital screens clearly displayed store information.

The cozy foyer welcomed us to an open-concept shop with attendants dispersed evenly behind the counters.

Inside The Herbery, where you will find kind, knowledgeable attendants.

Inside The Herbery, where you will find kind, knowledgeable attendants.

Quality service started from the moment we approached the display cases. At first, all attendants were busy; however, an employee paused a current transaction to let us know an attendant would be right over.

Brandyn, our attendant, kindly greeted us minutes later.

We admitted we had never visited The Herbery before, but Brandyn didn’t jump to conclusions about our smoking habits. He asked questions to determine our knowledge of the plant, and moved to educate on the shop’s product after getting to know us.

Brandyn genuinely cared about our smoking needs. He asked if we had the appropriate apparatuses before suggesting a product.

We discussed that we were from out of town and looking to sample some pre-rolled joints. Brandyn presented a menu that listed available strains.

The Herbery possessed an extensive menu. First, the menu was divided into sections: flower (Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid), edibles, concentrate, drink, tincture, topicals, and pre-rolled. From there, it gave details on each strain. THC and CBD content was listed, along with producer/processor information.

For example, we purchased a pre-rolled joint of Pineapple Express by Nettle’s Unlimited. It is grown by G13 Labs. Brandyn explained, via the menu, that it boasts a lower THC content than other strains; however, he also expressed a ‘good’ high doesn’t necessarily come from the highest THC levels.

While we were already familiar with this fact, we appreciated an attendant providing this information. This gave us confidence that The Herbery is educating the recreational user on the right high for each individual.

No dispensary visit is complete without sampling the fare.


Sampling our Pineapple Express pre-rolled.

Pineapple Express promised an energetic high, and it delivered. With notes of fruit, this Hybrid strain gave us flavor and a light cerebral high, which was ideal for sight-seeing.

Overall, The Herbery boasted pleasing décor, premium service, and an expansive menu. We recommend this high-end shop to those looking for a quality recreational dispensary.

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